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Helicopter Manufacturer, Total Rotorcraft Capability Provider

AgustaWestland, the Anglo-Italian helicopter company owned by Italy’s Finmeccanica, is a total capability provider in the vertical lift market.

Through its rotorcraft systems design, development, production and integration capabilities, its experience in the training business and its customer focused Integrated Operational Support solutions, the Company delivers unrivalled mission capability to military and commercial operators around the world.

This expertise, backed by technological excellence and innovation, makes the Company a leader in a number of the world’s most important helicopter markets offering the widest range of advanced rotorcraft available for both commercial and military applications.

AgustaWestland operates globally in the vertical lift market through a number of joint ventures and collaborative programmes with major European and American helicopter primes where the company has leading or primary roles. There are also partnerships with a number of other leading aerospace and defence companies to deliver mutually beneficial programmes. This network of alliances strengthens the Company’s product range, increases its global reach, and enhances business opportunities.

AgustaWestland is more than just a helicopter manufacturer: it is a total rotorcraft capability provider.

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Products for the Military/Government Market

Starting with the AW119 Ke and running all way to the three engine AW101 and the heavy CH-47F, the AgustaWestland military rotorcraft range is equally impressive. State-of-the-art avionic systems and mission equipment make each helicopter a fully operational system, not just a platform.

The AW119 Ke’s outstanding features in terms of performance, cabin space and productivity in the single engine category make it uniquely suited to perform a range of military duties. The AW109 LUH is a light twin engine helicopter in the 3000 kg class. With the addition of role equipment the AW109 LUH is able to satisfy a wide range of missions making it a truly cost-effective multi-role helicopter.

Purpose built for maritime operations, Super Lynx 300 is the world’s best selling light naval helicopter and has gained a reputation for its outstanding ship operating capabilities. In 2006 AgustaWestland launched the AW159 helicopter, which is now entering production,  which combines the proven dynamics system of the Super Lynx 300 with a new airframe,  avionics and mission system.

The Company has two different combat helicopters in its portfolio, the T129 multi-role combat helicopter design and the Apache AH Mk1, produced under licence from Boeing for the British Army.

Building on the considerable success of the AW139 twin helicopter in the world-wide military and homeland security market, the AW139M has been developed as a variant of the successful AW139 to meet the specific requirements of military, homeland security and government users. AgustaWestland is also developing the new generation AW149, the Company’s answer to growing military and government customer demand for a new generation, affordable, multi-purpose, medium weight class military helicopter.

The 11-ton NH90, developed under a European consortium in which AgustaWestland has a 32% share, is in full production with naval and military utility versions currently being delivered.

The AW101 medium-lift helicopter is in service with operators around the world in a wide range of roles. The CH47-F is under license production from Boeing for transport purposes., 

Helicopter Manufacturer, Total Rotorcraft Capability Provider

Customer Training

AgustaWestland is an established provider of professional training services and solutions to a wide range of military, civil and industrial customers around the world.

Building on core competencies in high quality rotary wing and military systems training,  the Company is committed to developing and expanding its training portfolio to meet both the current and future training needs of all customers.

At AgustaWestland we pride ourselves on offering a complete range of services available throughout the life of the product from training needs analysis to the provision of instruction, training materials, training management information systems and equipment for individual, team and collective training.

Significantly, training systems supplied by AgustaWestland are uniquely able to track the product configuration through life from the point of delivery through life. Our support systems offer a complete and integrated operational environment, linking logistic and training management systems with flight and mission planning systems to share critical data in support of operational efficiency and effectiveness., 

Helicopter Manufacturer, Total Rotorcraft Capability Provider
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