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Cranfield Aerospace

Defence Engineering on Land, at Sea and in the Air

Cranfield Defence forms part of Cranfield Aerospace Ltd and offers military engineering capabilities for platforms on Land, at Sea and in the Air, including…
  • Weapons Clearance
  • Structural Dynamics
  • Unmanned Air Systems
  • Independent Technical Evaluation/Safety Audits
  • G-cueing simulation
  • Innovative Design, Prototyping and Engineering Solutions

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Weapons Clearance and Structural Dynamics

The Cranfield Aerospace (CAe) Safety & Suitability Technologies (SST) group has over 40 years experience supporting munitions clearances, undertaking environmental trials to prove installations and investigate dynamic structural performance of new systems and equipment in the air, on land and at sea.

Over the years SST has performed weapons clearance and environmental trials on platforms ranging from Typhoon to Apache and from Hovercraft to Wolfhound.

As part of SST’s structural dynamics capabilities our Modal Testing activity can capture the dynamic structural responses of an aircraft or vehicle for use in FEA modelling, systems integration optimisation and flight test planning.

In recent years, SST has developed, in partnership with the MoD, unique data recorders that have been optimised for capturing vibration and temperature data in Defensive Aid Suites (DAS). These unobtrusive robust data loggers can also be used in a huge range of environments.

To find out more about what Cranfield Defence can offer, visit our website at:


Defence Engineering on Land, at Sea and in the Air
CAe Staff working on a Tornado DAS clearance trial

Independent Technical Evaluators (ITE) / Safety Auditors (IS

Our breadth of experience and independence from major defence contractors uniquely qualifies us to provide high quality, highly responsive ITE/ISA services to MoD project teams.

CAe provides ITE capability, including the services of a pool of Subject Matter Experts, across all areas, acting on behalf of the MoD Project Team. We are able to review existing processes and procedures to ensure their suitability.

Furthermore, we carry out aircraft Fatigue Life Monitoring and review, advising on any structural survey work and inspections required ensuring structural integrity of airframe and components. All work is continuous throughout and carried out under our DAOS approvals.

Defence Engineering on Land, at Sea and in the Air
Munitions and Human Environment Trial on Wolfhound

Unmanned Air Systems (UAS)

With a reputation for being a UK market leader in Unmanned Air Systems, Cranfield Aerospace can call upon a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide innovative solutions to your UAS needs.

Over recent years, CAe has worked on numerous military and civilian projects including research work for UK MoD and Boeing’s Research and Technology programme. Boeing’s X-48B is an 8.5% scaled demonstrator with over 80 successful flights.

CAe’s own UAS solutions can be customised to meet any customer needs and can include proven capabilities such as variable payload capacities, VTOL, battlespace surveillance, autonomous control and equipment testing/clearance.

CAe SST have also utilised their custom built data loggers to test in-flight environments for in-service UAVs, such as onboard the BAE Mantis.

For more information about CAe’s UAS solutions, visit our website at:

Defence Engineering on Land, at Sea and in the Air
Cranfield Aerospace CASSIUS Unmanned Air System

G-Cueing Simulation

Cranfield Aerospace (CAe) Simulation Systems offer bespoke motion cueing technology that provides the operator or pilot with the most immersive and high fidelity ‘feel’ to the real flying experience available in the market today.

Over 20 Armed Forces around the world today utilise CAe’s simulation solutions for their airborne training. Our products provide completely realistic onset and sustained G-cues within the simulation experience. Utilising data input from the airborne flight model, our systems are highly tuneable to suit the subjective nature of ‘the flying experience’ and, through cueing that is complementary to our visual and aural systems, provide proven added value to training around the world.

For further details on CAe’s G-cueing simulation, visit our website at:

Defence Engineering on Land, at Sea and in the Air
G-Seat motion cueing system custom built into any fast-jet pilot seat
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