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Eurofighter Typhoon

New Generation Multi-Role/Swing-Role Combat Aircraft

Eurofighter Typhoon is the worlds most advanced new generation multi-role/swing-role combat aircraft available on the market. With 707 aircraft ordered by six nations (Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Austria and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), and in service with all nations, the aircraft is Europe’s largest military collaborative programme.

Eurofighter Typhoon is the only fighter to offer wide-ranging operational capabilities whilst at the same time delivering unparalleled fleet effectiveness.

Careful attention to design and a clear vision of through-life technology insertion and capability enhancements will see the Eurofighter Typhoon maintaining the tactical advantage over whatever threats the coming decades bring.

The Eurofighter Typhoon has guaranteed for partner countries sustained growth, industrial capability, operational effectiveness and global competitiveness.

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Design Features:

Eurofighter Typhoon has a foreplane/delta wing configuration that is aerodynamically unstable in the subsonic range. The "delta canard" design shape of the aircraft is driven by a need for:
  • Subsonic/supersonic instantaneous and sustained turn rate performance
  • Agility
  • Lift and STOL (Short take-off and landing)
  • Exceptional acceleration
  • Reduced drag
Eurofighter Typhoon

Aerodynamic Characteristics

Perfection in airframe performance can give the pilot battle-winning edge, providing that airframe is part of the Eurofighter Typhoon Weapon System.

Eurofighter Typhoon has a foreplane/delta configuration which is, by nature, aerodynamically unstable.

The instability of the aircraft is derived from the position of a theoretical “pressure point” on the longitudinal axis of the aircraft. This is calculated from the contribution to lift from each of the aircraft components (the wings, the canards, fuselage etc). If the pressure point is in front of the centre of gravity on the longitudinal axis, the aircraft is aerodynamically unstable and it is impossible for a human to control it.
Aerodynamic Characteristics

EJ200 Overview

This Information focuses on the Eurofighter Typhoon''s powerplant, the EJ200 and the six high-end sub-systems incorporated into the aircraft's overall system architecture.

Eurofighter Typhoon is equipped with twin EJ200 engines to increase safety in peacetime and redundancy in war. The high reliability and subsequent availability ensure operational costs are reduced.

The Eurojet EJ200 engine is Europe’s latest high performance, advanced technology military turbofan designed to fulfil the demanding requirements for the next generation of combat aircraft.

The EUROJET team achieved the following design priorities:

  • Air-to-Air combat superiority
  • High speed interception
  • High performance in dry and reheat operation, including supercruiise capability in maximum dry
  • Carefree handling throughout an extensive flight envelope
  • Growth potential
EJ200 Overview
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