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Military Ambulance Solutions

Frestems is the leading military ambulance products manufacturer, specialized in stretcher loading systems design, development and manufacturing. The strong know-how in military ambulances has its roots in civilian ambulance markets, but the company has been providing products and services mostly for military customers already over 15 years. Frestems designs, engineers, and manufactures patient evacuation equipment and complete interior solutions to meet the most demanding requirements.

The functionality and life saving capability of any military ambulance or evacuation vehicle is largely dependent on the proper internal layout and carefully planned logistics of stretcher patients inside the vehicle. We strive to increase patient survivability by developing our products to offer the best ergonomics, logistics, safety and usability for the military users.

We use our domain special expertise and constant product development to offer the most innovative solutions.

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ProMIL Products

Frestems ProMIL product offering consists of litter racks, stretcher fastening and transportation systems, stretcher loading systems, field stretchers and other ambulance modules. These military qualified products are used for equipping high quality military ambulances that meet even the toughest military requirements. Please see products for more information.

Customised Stretcher Systems

Demanding requirements, special vehicle chassis and space limitations often require a customized stretcher loading and transportation systems. Frestems is able to flexibly customize its products for the specific customer case in minimum time and cost compared to building a solution from the scratch. Our products as a starting point, we can deliver the optimum solution in fast and cost effective manner. We believe that 50-75% of cost and schedule benefits can be achieved. Ergonomics and usability is normally far better than with special inhouse built solutions that we have seen on market. Frestems carries out custom design and manufacturing on a project basis.

Customized stretcher fastening systems have been developed for numerous military vehicles, and deployed around the world.


Military Ambulance Solutions
ProMIL 360 Hydraulic Lift Treatment Base

MIlitary Ambulance Vehicle Design

Frestems is in co-operation with the leading military vehicle manufacturers and land systems divisions in designing ambulance variants to a range of recognized system platforms.

Military Stretcher Loading Systems

Stretcher Loading Systems are Frestems’ main R&D focus area and this is where most of the product development activities take place.

The main purposes of a Stretcher Loading System are:

  • Loading patients quickly into the ambulance vehicle. Sometimes the nearby environment is hostile, and therefore swift and easy operation is the a key feature for any system
  • Fastening the stretcher into the vehicle during the transportation. Military vehicles operate in very rough terrain, and therefore stretcher and patient need to be securely fastened to the vehicle but in a way that will attenuate strain
  • Maneuver the patient inside the vehicle for better treatment positions. To do this stretcher platform may have side, forward and backwards slide mechanism and shock/anti-shock positions

The key component in fastening stretchers to vehicle is stretcher platform like ProMIL 100 or ProMIL 150, that can be mounted for example over ProMIL 214, 245 or 360 base frames. Products under this category include floor and wall mounted stretcher places, foldable stretcher place for saving space and treatment base with suspension.


Military Ambulance Solutions
Military Ambulance Vehicle Design

Military Stretcher Equipment

Products in this category are STANAG 2040 and EN 1789 compliant field stretchers and foldable stretcher carts for easy carriage of the field stretchers. Frestems stretchers are world famous for being the most durable, lightweight and climate resistant tactical litters on the market.

Military Ambulance Subsystems

When equipping military ambulances Frestems has designed and manufactured numerous special subsystems that were needed in the projects. Products in this category include patient seats, stretcher lifters, medical cabinets, oxygen systems and storage modules.
Military Ambulance Solutions
ProMIL 215 NATO Stretcher Cart

Standard, Customized and Full Customized Products

We offer standard, customized and full customized products. Standard products can be ordered with the list price according to the lead time. Request list pricing for the products. Customized and full custom projects usually requires project and accociated integrated logistic support program (ILS).

COTS and MOTS Products

ProMIL standard products (COTS) can be delivered off the shelf with normal lead times. This is normally the most cost effective option for the customer. Some products can be easily customized to MOTS solutions by varying specific dimensions. If the standard or customized product does not fulfill the customer needs, the last option is to make a full custom solution for the specific case.

3D Layout Study

Layout Study is a tool Frestems offers to streamline the initial ambulance vehicle design phase. With basic requirements and available space reservation as an input, Frestems will create a proposal of the ambulance layout which consists of products and modules located in vehicle. We have fixed standard price for this type of study, and it can be initiated after signing a two way non-disclosure agreement.

Maintenance & ILS

The integrated logistics support (ILS) deliverables help the end-users to have all relevant knowledge for through-life support of our products – keeping the lifetime costs to minimum.
Military Ambulance Solutions
Standard, customized or full custom products
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