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Gichner Shelter Systems

Manufacturer of Military Shelters, Electronic Equipment Enclosures and Ancillary Products

Gichner Shelter Systems is the world's largest manufacturer of military shelters, electronic equipment enclosures and ancillary products.

Gichner has been in the business of designing, developing and manufacturing lightweight mobile tactical shelters for the world's military and non-military users for over 40 years, supplying shelters to every branch of the US' Armed Forces and its allies.

Gichner has an experienced staff of over 900 employees in three business units. Shelters and shelter-related products are our only business, which allows us to focus our resources to ensure that our customers are serviced properly.

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Manufacturer of Military Shelters

Gichner introduces a new concept in system design: have Gichner design a shelter around your system. Don't be forced into designing your system around someone else's idea of a shelter. Gichner designs and manufactures a wide range of shelters, from small, trailer-mounted units to large semi-trailers. Construction materials range from steel to lightweight aluminum alloy.

Our most popular panel construction is comprised of lightweight aluminum framework and facings with rigid foam core structural insulation. We understand that system-level requirements drive the shelter design, and pride ourselves in responding to those demands by designing shelters, which complement the system as opposed to compromising it.

Manufacturer of Military Shelters

Mobile Tactical Shelters


The S-788/G, also known as the lightweight, multipurpose shelter (LMS), is a lightweight, high-strength enclosure designed specifically for use on the HMMWV. Selected by the US Army as its primary electronics platform for wheeled tactical vehicles, the S-788 LMS contains the latest advances in shelter design technology. The rugged design of the S-788 endures demanding off-road military operations while protecting on-board electronics from potential hazards. C-130 drive-on/back-off capability meets your system transportability requirements.

S-280 C/G

The S-280C/G shelter provides optimum performance under the most demanding field conditions. Lightweight, high strength, insulated and all weather, this shelter satisfies general purpose applications for housing communications and other transportable electronic equipment. Rugged inside and outside, the S-280C/G is equipped to withstand adverse weather and terrain, in addition to a high level of interior traffic.

Mobile Tactical Shelters

ISO shelters

Gichner has produced over 8,000 20ft ISO shelters. The majority of these shelters were designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with ISO 1496/1 and ANSI MH5.1, 5.1.1 and 5.4, and are CSC certified. Gichner's inventory of basic 20ft ISO shelter designs consists of seven basic shelter configurations, including single- and double side opening units, which allow for complexing of shelters side-by-side to form large, unobstructed work areas. Gichner also has an extensive design inventory of alternate ISO shelters, ranging in size and construction.

Army standard family expandable shelters

Gichner Shelter Systems is proud to offer the one and two-sided ASF expandable shelter; a member of the family of standard rigid wall ISO shelters used by branches of the US Department of Defense.

Weighing only 5,300lb, the one sided expandable is able to accommodate an impressive payload of 9,700lb. This impressive strength-to-weight ratio is the result of innovative material engineering. Panel construction consists of aluminium-faced, honeycomb-core, hot-bonded panels, on the walls, roof, and floor. The ASF expandable is designed to allow for a maximum operating volume, while maintaining the dimensional requirements of ISO 668 and ANSI MH5.4 during transportation and storage modes, thus allowing for transport using all common intermodal transport methods.

Large shelters

On the right is a sample of Gichner's capability to design and manufacture larger, more complex shelters, in this case a HEMP-shielded semi-trailer. Gichner's capabilities and experience cover a wide range of shelter sizes, construction types, and custom electrical and mechanical modifications.

ISO shelters
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Gichner Shelter Systems
490 East Locust Street
Dallastown, PA 17313
United States of America
Tel: +1 717 246 5453
Fax: +1 717 246 5496
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