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Critical Radio Systems, Base Radio Systems (BRS) & Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Systems

Harris is an Experienced DoD Public Safety Technology and System Supplier

Harris, a leading manufacturer of critical radio systems deployed around the world, is an authorized supplier for Department of Defense Public Safety operations and the Base Radio Systems (BRS) managed by the US Army's Communications and Electronics Command. BRS allows any U.S. Federal agency to procure Harris land mobile radio (LMR) systems, equipment and services that comply with the DoD Guidance and NTIA narrow-banding mandates.

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P25IP System

Standards-based Network for Public Safety and Professional Communications

The Harris P25IP system combines the benefits of an IP-based network with industry recognized Project 25 (P25) standards. The result is a single cost-effective IP-based network that is reliable, scalable and secure while providing communications interoperability.

P25 CAP – Project 25 in action through industry collaboration

  • Harris is at the forefront of P25 standards development. Committed to making radio communications interoperability a reality for first responders,  Harris has taken a leadership role as a member of the P25 Compliance Assessment Program (CAP). P25 CAP provides a framework and process for demonstrating the compliance and interoperability of P25 equipment.

P25 Compliance Assessment Program

P25 Phase 2 Software Upgradable Products

  • Harris is an industry leader in P25 standards-based products with software defined radios that are software upgradable to P25 Phase 2 including portables radios, mobile radios, base stations and repeaters.

P25 Phase 2 Upgradable Terminals

P25 ISSI – The solution to unite disparate systems for interoperable communications

  • The Harris P25IP system fully supports the P25 ISSI (Inter-RF Sub-system Interface), allowing the connection of multiple P25 networks, even those from other suppliers. Through this use of the industry-standard interface, continuous interoperability can be established among agencies operating  with disparate radio systems, technologies or radios.



Critical Radio Systems, Base Radio Systems (BRS) & Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Systems
The Harris P25IP system

Base Radio Systems

The National Capital Region (NCR) system is the first completely operational Department of Defense (DoD) Land Mobile Radio (LMR) IP-based P25 system to serve the US Army. NCR Phase I provided interoperable mission-critical voice communications with civilian public safety agencies in the NCR region, including greater Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and Fort Hamilton, NY. The NCR Phase I deployment covered 10 Army bases including the Pentagon.

The NCR Phase II added the US Navy (Naval District Washington, the Naval Academy, among others) along with the US Air Force (Bolling Air Force Base, among others) to the NCR regional system. NCR Phase II provided wide-area communications and convoy operations over a large footprint, and was one of the first tri-service DoD LMR systems.

Critical Radio Systems, Base Radio Systems (BRS) & Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Systems
Base Radio Systems

Shipboard Communications

Harris has a long history of providing HYDRA wireless communications systems for federal maritime entities. The benefits of Harris shipboard communications systems is the ability to integrate existing, stand-alone systems into a single, reliable, highly capable communications system using Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) equipment. Since the installation of the first HYDRA system on the USS Eisenhower, Harris has achieved many firsts in the provision of shipboard wireless communications systems.

Flight Deck Communications
  • Few situations match the intensity or require the level of coordinated communication that is needed above and below the flight deck. Harris' HYDRAAN/SRC-55 systems have met both the stringent below deck communication and specialized flight deck communication requirements for ships of varying class. The Harris flight deck module is the only system to be approved as a replacement for the legacy Flight Deck Communication System (AN/SRC-47).


  • Whether above or below deck, all Harris wireless shipboard communications are supported by one integrated communications system. Harris has expanded the interoperability of the HYDRA system to allow interoperation with the existing VHF radios on LCACs and LCMs. In addition, Harris shipboard solutions are capable of interfacing with the Flight Deck Announcing System (5MC) and other systems.

Low Power Systems
  • Harris low-power HYDRA fixed equipment and portables have been developed to support the unique requirements of the U.S. Navy. The Harris low power solution for HYDRA shipboard wireless communications significantly reduces onboard space requirements for communications systems. Both low power systems and low-power (20mw) radios also ensures minimal RF leaves the ship.

  • The Harris HYDRAAN/SRC-55 system provides rugged and reliable trunked operation that is flexible to deal with the loss of a repeater or other broadcast equipment. The Harris HYDRA system enables every repeater to serve as either a control channel or a working channel. This allows for continued trunked operations during the loss of repeaters by providing gradual degradation in service for centrally controlled functions.
Critical Radio Systems, Base Radio Systems (BRS) & Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Systems
Shipboard Communications
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