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Professional Diving & Military Watches

Míleata is a family run watch company located in Ireland, and we specialise in making modern professional divers watches. We are branching out to include tough purpose built military watches and we believe these could be a great asset to any military force. We design every element and build it here in Ireland and great care is taken to ensure every detail meets our strict quality control.

Míleata is a name you can trust for timekeeping, craftsmanship, and customer service.

For the larger orders we offer a customisation service. We match the dial and strap colours to your uniform colours so every unit has their own unique watch. As well as colours, you can add logos or text to the dial or case back.

We also offer a choice between quartz (battery) or automatic (self-winding) movements.

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Military Watches

Our watch is built to be strong and tough. It has a deep depth rating of 500 meters, so it will easily take any depth a professional diver will dive to. As it is a diver’s watch it has a rotating timing bezel so a diver can keep track of their dive.

The case is made from 316L surgical grade stainless steel, and we have coated it black with a PVD process, to reduce reflective surfaces. It has a thick scratch resistant sapphire crystal with a slight dome to reduce reflections. We eliminated any gaps or ridges between the case and bezel to reduce build-up of dust and dirt. Instead of the usual flimsy spring bars we have welded solid steel bars for added security, and this also helps with quick strap changing as there are no tools required.

The movement inside is either an automatic from Citizen Watches or we can offer a Swiss quartz movement in either normal 3 hand watch or 4 hand GMT. The automatic movement is protected by an anti-magnetic shield up to 80,000 A/m. All of the movements we use have built-in shock protection.

  • The benefits of an automatic is it runs on the movement of your wrist so no need for changing batteries.
  • The benefits of a GMT watch is you can keep track of two time zones, so if you are serving away from home you could have local time and keep track of home time. The GMT hand can also act as a compass.
The watch is presented in a foam case that doubles up as a glasses case, so you can protect your glasses or sun glasses. Nothing goes to waste.

Professional Diving & Military Watches

Customisable Military Watches

This is subject to a minimum order of 300 pieces.

This is where we can offer a more personal touch, and we are completely open to any ideas you may have.

1) You may choose the colour of the dial and strap to match the uniform.
2) Add custom artwork like a logo. For example add a units name, motto or logo or a combination of either to the dial.
3) Custom engraving to caseback.

Customising the watch to individual units not only gives a uniform appearance from the parade ground to the battlefield, but becomes a dependable tool that is an extension of the uniform.

Mileata doesn’t just offer a camouflaged watch but a professional, tough, dependable timepiece.


Professional Diving & Military Watches
M1 Black and grey dial

Straps for Military Watches

The straps we use are a one piece nylon or rubber strap. They weave easily through the solid bars so if your strap is damaged it is easily changed without any tools. It is also easy to change the look of the watch by changing the strap, for example have a camo strap for working uniform or change to a plain colour for dress uniform.


  • Cheap to replace if damaged
  • Easily changed
  • Changes to match uniform
  • Waterproof
  • Also available in rubber
Straps can be made in different patterns and colours to match in with the different camouflages from any military around the world.
Professional Diving & Military Watches
M2 Olive Green Dial

Professional Diving & Military Watches
M2 close up.
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Tel: (Ireland) +353 1 254 24 54
Tel: (US) +1 315 254 24 84
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