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Military Remote Video Surveillance

Established in 2003, Netwatch currently monitors in excess of 25,000 cameras across the globe.

Netwatch was the first company in Europe to combine specialist video processing technologies with satellite communications to provide safe, preventative, immediate and cost effective protection solutions for clients.

With over 35,000 crimes prevented since start-up, the Netwatch system deploys the most advanced video processing technologies to alert its Communication Hub to unacceptable behaviour on a clients' property.

Live personalised audio warnings are issued to intruders preventing criminal activity. Heavily invested in R&D, Netwatch is committed to remaining the leader in the field of remote visual monitoring and thanks to the vast advancements in its proprietary software (Veritas externally and Cratos internally), Netwatch now operates in 4 continents with clients across Europe, South Africa, the Middle East and the USA.

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Remotely Monitored Intelligent Security

The Netwatch Remote Visual Surveillance System features the Netwatch proprietary Veritas Detection System which protects the perimeter of client’s sites and critical infrastructures. Video from the attendant CCTV cameras is transmitted to the Netwatch Communications Hub in real-time, where intervention specialists can respond remotely and take appropriate action.

Netwatch deploy the Veritas System on site as part of a complete security solution for clients. The system is more effective than CCTV, an alarm and a security guard combined as it allows visual recognition to determine a real crime from a false alarm along with remote monitoring and access which negates the necessity to place a business owner, key holder or security personnel in danger.

With a highly personalised service and individual design for each client, Netwatch currently protects the property interests of more than 2,200 blue-chip companies globally as well as several public infrastructures and high risk private residences.

Military Remote Video Surveillance

The Netwatch Veritas system

The Netwatch Proprietary Veritas Detection System allows Netwatch to monitor sites and scenarios in a way that is not possible with traditional passive infra-red sensors.

Cleverly the system allows for “rules based detection” allowing the creation of prohibited movement scenarios which generate the alarms sent to the Netwatch Communication Hub.

As result of such intelligent techniques genuine incidents are detected early and action can be taken before damage results.

Veritas marks exactly what the cause of the alarm is in the transmitted images, as opposed to traditional detectors where the interventionist had to ascertain what the cause of the alarm was, all of which wasted valuable seconds when speed of response is paramount.

Furthermore this results in lower false alarm rates allowing Intervention Specialists to concentrate on genuine alarms.

Military Remote Video Surveillance

Rapid Deployment Unit

(Commander) - A temporary Solution

The Netwatch Rapid Deployment Unit (Commander) offers a temporary solution and all the features of the Netwatch award winning Remote Visual Monitoring System in a complete independent portable format with no need for civils or cabling.

This tamper proof unit can be moved from site to site and is suitable for remote sites as it has UPS backup in the event of a power failure.

  Watch the Netwatch Video

Military Remote Video Surveillance

Examples of the Netwatch System in action


The Netwatch System is currently in place on over 60 sub stations in the UK and Ireland for electricity company ESB Networks, as well as being deployed on a number of wind farms for the company. The Netwatch Veritas System detects movement through the substation infrastructures, where traditional detectors would have their infrared detection capabilities blocked by cable poles and supports. Through the use of wireless and wired high speed communication links, Netwatch can protect high value assets such as wind farm installations at even the most remotely based locations.

The Netwatch Veritas Security System was installed at a newly developed rail location that has seen a 300 million euro investment and features three new transport hubs. As a result, 40 attempted incidents were prevented in the first year and there was no recorded damage or loss.

The Netwatch system replaced manned guarding for a Dublin and Liverpool company allowing savings of over £50,000 a year for the shipping and transport company. In place is a fully interactive system which allows the premises to be monitored 24 hours a day with the added benefit of recording everything that takes place. Lorries wishing to enter or leave the depot now call Netwatch and the security gates are opened remotely from the Netwatch Communications Hub.                                                                                                      


The Netwatch system is currently deployed at a number of international airports and aircraft maintenance facilities, where terminal buildings and aircraft are monitored through the Netwatch Communication Hub.  The system is also being piloted by a principal port authority in the United States, incorporating major international airport facilities as well as sea and maritime facilities and transportation services.

Military Remote Video Surveillance
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