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Nexter Group

Military Land Defence Systems

With three complementary business lines, Nexter Group specialises in a wide range of land defence systems. In addition to land forces, Nexter also addresses the requirements of air and naval forces.

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Armoured Systems, CTA Weapons and Computer-Assisted Training

The primary company, Nexter Systems, has several specialised subsidiaries, which are organised by business lines.

This organisation of the group around three complementary business lines allows each activity to optimise its own development, while simultaneously ensuring synergies between group units.

Nexter Systems (weapons and armoured systems) comprises the bulk of the systems business line, which also includes Nexter Training, a subsidiary created in 2008 to develop Generic Virtual Training (GVT®), an innovative concept in computer-assisted training software, and CTA International, a joint venture with BAE Systems (who supply a 40mm CTA weapon system).


Artillery, Tank and Medium-Calibre Munitions

The munitions business line of the Nexter Group consists of Nexter Munitions, which is specialised in artillery, tank and medium-calibre munitions.


Missile Warheads, Safety Systems and Pyrotechnic Components

Nexter Munitions is also in partnership with European missile manufacturers in the areas of warheads, safety systems and pyrotechnic components.


Military Land Defence Systems
Nexter Munitions is specialised in artillery, tank and medium-calibre munitions.

Military NBC-Protection Systems, Tactical Shelters

The equipment business line includes the subsidiaries Nexter Electronics (electronics for extreme conditions) and Nexter Mechanics (mechanics with significant added value).

In 2008, this business line acquired the following subsidiaries from Giat Industries: NBC-Sys (individual and collective protection systems against nuclear, biological and chemical attacks),

Euro-Shelter (tactical shelters, mobile logistics systems, mobile medical systems) and Optsys (optomechanical and optoelectronic systems for military use).

Military Land Defence Systems
Nexter Group's land defence systems include CAESAR�® military vehicles.

Main Battle Tanks

In 2008, Nexter Group achieved a consolidated operating margin of over 10% for the third consecutive year.

Consolidated orders came to €560 million, up by 13% from 2007 on a like-for-like basis. Nexter Group's consolidated sales in 2008 came to €579 million, which was close to the €587 million invoiced in 2007.

These sales figures reflect a successful transition year between the completion of manufacturing programmes of the Leclerc main battle tank and the beginning of the new VBCI and CAESAR® production programmes.

Military Land Defence Systems
The company produced the Leclerc main battle tank.

Military Systems Design and Operational Maintenance

With an order book totalling €1.9bn at the end of 2008 and an expanded range of competitive products, our group has undeniably entered a dynamic growth phase that should last for many years.

Working in close collaboration, the group's three business lines offer a full range of products and services, from systems design to operational maintenance.

The group is anchored by its internationally recognised skills carried over from its former guise as Giat Industries, and through the consistent investment in research and development that it has pursued for many years it offers its customers solutions that meet their needs.

Military Land Defence Systems
Nexter Group's land defence systems also include the Aravis tank.
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