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RUAG Ammotec

Ammunition, Mortar and Artillery Training Systems

RUAG Ammotec specializes in high-quality pyrotechnic products for military and civil markets and for industry. Activities include developing and manufacturing small-calibre ammunition for hunting and sports as well as armed forces and government agencies. The products are renowned for their ultimate dependability, precision and optimally engineered effect. Environmentally safe disposal of pyrotechnic products also forms part of the service portfolio. RUAG Ammotec is the European market leader in hunting and sports ammunition. It manufactures a wide range of small-calibre and special ammunition for government agencies. The company also produces a unique line of lowpollutant, NATO-qualified small-calibre ammunition for security forces. Building on its ammunition expertise, RUAG Ammotec develops innovative products such as actuator cartridges for fastening technologies and safety systems in the area of industrial pyrotechnics.

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Military Sniper Ammunitions

The cartridges of the SWISS P line have been developed especially for snipers and designed down to the last detail for a highly professional use. They offer an above-average hit accuracy and first-class reliability.

Over the usual operative range all cartridge types display the same point of impact, which we refer to as coordinated ballistics. An adjustment of the optics is thus unnecessary if the situation calls for a change of cartridge. This allows the shooter to fully concentrate on firing and always achieve the best first-shot effect.

The target-ballistic and intervention-oriented effect of the special projectiles is excellent in both the soft and hard target. They are barrel-friendly and ensure a constant point of impact from lot to lot.

Military Sniper Ammunitions

HG 85 LINE Hand Grenades

The HG 85 line convinces the users not only by its outstanding effect, but also by the safety features and the ease of handling. Moreover, different types of practice and offensive grenades supplement the defensive grenades ideally to form a complete product line.


RUAG Ammotec offers various types of hand grenades which enable a safe and cost-effective training. The drill hand grenade (Drill 85) is completely inert and suitable for training in the theory room. The blank cartridges of the training hand grenade (THG 85 Training Sound) can be replaced after each throw. This makes the training hand grenade reusable. To make the training more realistic and to document correct handling, the blank cartridges emit a crack.

The explosive training hand grenade (ETHG 85 Training Explosive) enables a realistic training on the shooting grounds. The aluminium body and the reduced quantity of explosive produce almost no fragments, so that the hazard potential is reduced considerably.

Hand grenades for action

The fragmentation hand grenade (HG 85 Fragmentation) is based on the most advanced technology and penetrates present-day protective wear effectively. Another plus is that this hand grenade ranks among the safest as regards action, storage and transport.

The hand grenades of RUAG Ammotec have been used by armed forces all over the world for many years.



HG 85 LINE Hand Grenades


RUAG Ammotec offers a wide spectrum of duty and practice ammunition for armed forces. Latest plant and equipment allows to produce varied cartridges with highest precision. These products provide outstanding results even under extreme conditions.

The product portfolio comprises FMJ, SS109, tracer and various blank cartridges. The products are also available in linked form for use in the light machine gun.

5.56x45 FMJ (M193)

This reasonably priced high powerered cartridge is suitable for duty in extreme conditions. Developed for the use with semi- and full-automatic weapons it covers also all the need of units with extensive training. Absolute reliability makes it a dependable tool in the field. 






The training unit (dummy)

The training unit (dummy) The training unit is an exact copy (dummy) of the original mortar shell as far as shape and weight are concerned. It is used in the corresponding system (60 mm, 81 mm or 120 mm). This training unit is equipped with a practice cartridge and then loaded and fired like a live grenade. Hereby the dummy flies only a few metres from the barrel and drops on the ground, while the projectile of the practice cartridge flies to the target. The training unit can be equipped with a new practice cartridge any number of times, i.e. its useful life is practically unlimited.

Practice ammunition


The practice ammunition comes in cartridge form. The cartridges contain a smoke charge which, in combination with a crack, is ignited in the target by a point-detonating fuse. The resulting cloud of smoke permits to watch where the impact occurs.

A special trajectory table is available for the four different charges, allowing firing ranges from 70 m to 520 m. The trajectory table is enclosed with the training unit. Blank cartridges are available next to the practice cartridges. They are also fired from the training unit and simulate the firing crack.


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