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Roder HTS Hocker GmbH

Rapid Deployment Shelters (RDS) Specifically Designed for Military & Aid Organizations

HTS Rapid Deployment Shelters has become an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of high-quality, engineered yet cost effective Rapid Deployable Shelter (RDS) systems, such as accommodation shelters, maintenance shelters, multi-purpose shelters, emergency relief tents, aircraft hangars, super quick shelters for the military, governmental, humanitarian and aid relief sectors.

Military Shelters and Camps from Global Experts
HTS Rapid Deployment Shelters (HTS-RDS) is the specialist military and humanitarian division of Röder HTS Höcker; one of the world's leading manufacturers of clearspan-structure systems. Röder HTS Höcker has developed their Military and Relief Shelter Systems division to supply the military and international humanitarian organisations.

Heinz Röder, head of Röder HTS Höcker and one of the founders of the aluminium temporary structures industry, opened this specialist military and humanitarian division to bring his wealth of knowledge and experience to the international military and humanitarian sectors. HTS-RDS is now established and renowned globally for suppling high-tech, high quality shelters that are light, fast and economical to transport, install and dismantle.

Specialist Military and Emergency Shelter Systems
HTS-RDS range of products are suitable for almost every kind of field of operation in the global military and humanitarian arenas, including basic troop/ accommodation tents, mess tents, maintenance tents, aircraft hangar shelters, emergency shelters and larger multi-purpose structures.

State of the art Carbon Military and Humanitarian Shelters
HTS-RDS is leading the field with its revolutionary generation of shelters, which are engineered by combining carbon and aluminium on the main frame components. This unique and fully patented system reduces the overall weight of the main frame by up to 45%; meaning huge cost and time savings in handling, transporting and installing the systems. The carbon-hybrid technology is supplied in 3 core ranges:   HTS-RDS maintenance and hangar shelters, troop shelter and multi-purpose tent systems.

HTS-RDS is not just a leading manufacturer of tents and shelter systems to the military, it also provides a full-spectrum custom structure design service for clients with specific requirements.

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Turnkey Solutions For Military Shelter Systems

As well as supplying Rapid Deployment Shelter Systems, HTS-RDS can supply complete turnkey and customised camp solutions to include all the facilities, equipment and services required including:  lights, electrics, power, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and much more.

This specialist service also includes qualified and experienced installation teams who are deployable worldwide to manage or advise on projects.

HTS-RDS turnkey solutions include:   fully functional field camps, mobile hospitals, command posts and airfield buildings all fully equipped with whatever services and equipment required including wastewater management, waste management, portioning, electrical wiring, HVAC, generators and kitchen units.

From first ideas, through to designs, plans, manufacture, transport and installation if needed, the HTS-RDS special projects division will transform your ideas into reality.

Design and Manufacturing of Rapid Deployable Shelter (RDS) Systems
500-men Soldier Field Camp - with inflatable Tents - Middle Asia

Inflatable Tents and Shelters

HTS-RDS offer a large range of Inflatable Tents and Shelters with a low or high pressure beam system. Each of the arches is inflated separately, so that should one of the arches be damaged, the tent can still be inflated and used.

All inflatable tents are equipped with windows and doors. The main structure is made from heavy duty PVC material and the outer cover is made from high quality PVC material in various colors. HTS-RDS Inflatable tents can be equipped with a winterised kit; existing of an outer frame suitable for high wind speeds and snow loads.

The HTS-RDS inflatable tents and shelters can be deployed by two or more soldiers within minutes. They are designed to offer accommodation for extended periods of time in the most extreme environments.

All HTS-RDS inflatable tents are waterproof and flame retardant. These inflatable tents have been tested in Russia’s coldest winters.

Design and Manufacturing of Rapid Deployable Shelter (RDS) Systems
Military - Maintenance Tent - Asia

Maintenance Tents/Hangars

HTS-RDS first military hangar system was developed alongside the German Armed Forces, back in the 90s and has been in regular use around the world since. This illustrates the quality and reliability of the HTS-RDS product ranges.

When dismantled, HTS-RDS Hangar System can be packed into a 20ft container or steel racks, including all set-up manuals and working tools, allowing for instant installation on site. Every one of the HTS-RDS Military Hangar Systems Shelters is designed for handling by untrained soldiers.

This hangar system can also be provided in carbon-hybrid technology – offering the advantages of reducing the overall weight of the structure, it can withstand higher wind and snow loads than a conventional maintenance structure, it is also lighter, quicker and easier to erect.

The HTS-RDS Hangar system can be provided as a turnkey solution. For example, the package can include all tools, storing container, lighting and HVAC units, making the hangar system a full package ready for immediate deployment.

Design and Manufacturing of Rapid Deployable Shelter (RDS) Systems
Military Aircraft Hangar and Vehicle Hangar with Eyelid-Door - German Army

Emergency Relief Shelters

HTS-RDS Emergency Relief Shelters are devised specifically for use as rescue shelters for disaster control situations, where its simplicity means that these emergency relief shelters can be used in almost any field operation.

The tent frames are made up of anodised aluminium tubes measuring 40 mm in diameter as well as durable die-cast aluminium connectors. The straightforward push-fit system means putting up the tent is a smooth and fast process, requiring just a little effort and previous knowledge.

The standard cover for these rugged tents is made of an approximately 420 g/m² polyester-cotton mix. This fabric has been chosen for its impressive breathability and waterproofing.

The HTS-RDS emergency relief shelters are available in natural off-white as standard, however, a wide choice of different colours and patterns that can be digitally printed from your image files are available on request. A PVC tarpaulin with a quality of 650 g/m² is also available.

Design and Manufacturing of Rapid Deployable Shelter (RDS) Systems
Dining Tent - Fieldcamp - Europe
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